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Every so often an event comes along where we want to look our absolute best. This could be a huge, ‘once in a lifetime’ event such as a wedding, christening or graduation or something more low key, yet equally important, like a big interview or work presentation. No matter what the occasion, there will inevitably be an element of planning involved to ensure that you look the part, this could be as simple as selecting the perfect outfit (which we all know is never a simple task!), or as full on as a complete hair, make-up, skin care, body overhaul regime.

The best way to ensure the utmost confidence on the day is to try and get as organised as possible in advance. There is nothing worse than scrabbling around on the day, only to find that your outfit has a mark on it, your only pair of tights have a ladder in them, or worse still, you have run out of deodorant!

Preparation is key, so with this in mind, we have put together a countdown to help ensure that when your big day dawns you can be sure that you will be stepping out with confidence.

Six Months To Go

Obviously huge events such as weddings will take a considerable amount of planning, so you may want to start your health and beauty regime well in advance, alongside the actual event planning.

Healthy eating and exercise regime – If you are wanting to get into shape, it is best to start as early as possible. This way you can make healthy eating and exercise a part of your overall lifestyle, rather than last minute crash dieting and extreme gym blasting, which could put you at risk of injury and is certainly not sustainable for long-term heath.

The F.O.S commences (Fabulous Outfit Search!) – If you are preparing for a wedding the outfit is likely to be of utmost importance, so finding the perfect dress/suit may take longer than you anticipate. Many brides find that the dress they have in mind is very different to the one that they actually end up with so it is well worth starting early and trying on several different styles to determine the style and allow time for fittings. You may find it a bit extreme to start shopping for your graduation/interview outfit so early, but it may be worth your while keeping your eyes on the sales, especially if you are planning on wearing an expensive suit.

One Month To Go

Get some headspace - As the big day is looming you may find that nerves are starting to creep in, so now is a great time to implement some relaxation techniques into your daily routine. Practicing Mindfulness is a very effective way of keeping the stress at bay, and it is so easy to fit into every day life. Taking ten minutes a day to give yourself a bit of ‘me time’ can really make a big difference and there are several excellent mindfulness Apps available that can be simply downloaded to your phone so you can listen whilst on the go, some are even designed to be played during your commute to work!

Perfect those pearly whites – When you are wanting to feel (or at least give the impression of feeling) confident, there is nothing better than a flash of a healthy white smile. Getting into a healthy Oral Care Regime will help ensure that your teeth are sparkling and your breath is fresh for your big day.

Detox and glow – Detoxing juices are great for ridding the body of toxins and helping to clear the complexion. Supplement your healthy eating plan with an extra detox boost, but be careful what fruits and vegetables you use, as certain bright coloured or acidic fruits can stain your teeth. Take a look at our infographic to work out what the tooth staining culprits are, and what foods are naturally good for improving the whiteness of your teeth.

Get booking – If you are wanting to get a hair cut or any beauty treatments prior to your event make sure you book them in plenty of time to ensure that you can get appointments on suitable days with your chosen stylist/therapist. Keep in mind that some treatments may require patch tests 48 hours before the treatment.


One Week To Go

Let the grooming commence – Now is the time to get that pre-event haircut. Now, however, is NOT the time to get a radically different haircut! Stick with a style that you know suits you and that you are comfortable styling yourself. You may find that a completely different cut or colour doesn’t work with your existing wardrobe and make up shades, the last thing you want at this stage is to have to pull together a last minute style rethink!

Attention to detail – Eyebrow shaping has become very popular, and there are many salons now designated to this very purpose, a simple shape and tidy can really open up your eyes and make a big difference to your appearance. If you are planning on wearing make up for your event but aren’t used to applying it yourself, make an appointment at one of the department store beauty counters. There you will be advised on products to suit your skin tone and be given a demonstration on how to apply them.

It’s all in the accessories – Make sure that you have all of the accessories that you need to complete your look. Do a trial run with any jewellery, hats, shoes, handbags etc to make sure that they work as a complete ensemble. If you are wearing hosiery, stock up on a couple of identical pairs in case of emergency laddering.

Two Days To Go

A healthy glow – If you are wanting to complete your look with a sun kissed glow you may want to book a spray tan at a beauty salon. Although there are many excellent DIY products on the market, unless you are experienced at perfecting a streak free tan yourself, it is worth paying for the experts to do it for you. This isn’t a time for orange streaks! Again, don’t be put off by the TOWIE tangerine look, tans come in various shades and most therapists are experienced in perfecting the natural look.

Smooth and sleek – You may want to factor in a waxing treatment prior to your big day. Make sure you book it close to the day to get the maximum effect of being hair free and silky smooth, but not directly before in case the treatment causes any temporary redness.

The art of relaxation – Taking time out to have a relaxing massage can be extremely beneficial in the days preceding an event. Switch off and check out and allow yourself an hour or two to unwind and reboot.

The Big Day

Step out with a smile – The big event has finally arrived and all your hard work will have paid off. As with most big events, today is the day that you are likely to be photographed left right and centre and immortalised on film forever, so take a deep breath, flash those pearly whites and smile!